'We had dreams and songs to sing'

'A football book as it should be, devotion with humour'

Billy Butler Radio Merseyside

"Poetry in Motion"

I remember exactly where I was when I started to believe, paint brush in hand in my little girls bedroom following the Reds at Southampton cruise to a 3-0 victory againsta  team that were very good and put lots of pressure on. The Reds held firm and I thought thats a big result, not syaing I forecast what happened next but we arre on our way to Glory.

I had already started the rewrite, at the beginning of teh season I started updating the book, well my life story had continued and I had more to sya to the world. Things had moved on in the five years since first publishing my book and i had been left behind by the huge army of wrters who follow Liverpool, but still not many have took a book on, blogs and articles so I still feel I hold a place. Opportunities were short to write with two yong children and a demanding job, but then something glorious started happening. Southampton was just teh start and here we stand on the edge of glory and i have not felt this way for over 30 years. New dreams and songs to sing bring them on.

Keep your eyes open the rewrite will be out at seasons end.

Good causes

I have been fortunate to raise money for a number of deserving charities and the latest is Breakthrough Breast Cancer in the Isle of Man. £2 from every book sold in the Isle of Man will go to the charity and that may be matched by my employer too so £4 from every book is going to the charity. Christmas has been a great time for people buying the book as a greta present and they have also been doing their little bit for charity.

Since the book was published over £2,000 has been raised for The Hillsborough Justice Campaign, Hope for John, KIND Liverpool and now Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Just my way of giving a little back, thanks for your help.

What next for the book?

'We had dreams and songs to sing' has proved to be the success I hoped it would be. My dream is now complete and I thank each and everyone who has taken the time to buy a book and give me feedback.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my book.

All the best and You'll Never Walk Alone.


Watch the Video 'We had dreams and songs to sing' See my journey in pictures set to the most appropriate music yyou could ask for. See the book come alive in front of your eyes. Check out the Youtube video by pasting the link below in to your browser.